​Come, get Styled.

*** Styled is now open for business ***

I would like to thank all my Styled guests for your continued support during the salon closure and for your patience and flexibility with the immense amount of  a rescheduling leading up to the reopening!

Some things will be different but great hair remains.

Visit the New Safety Measures page in the menu for important information on changes at Styled.

*Styled is currently not accepting new clients

*All services are by appointment only

I Am So Excited To Welcome You Back To Styled

Here are the new safety measures being implemented in the salon:

  • Please arrive for your appointment alone and on time and call or text me upon your arrival to have the OK to come in
  • Arrive wearing a mask. You will be wearing your mask for the entirety of your appointment. Should you forger you mask or not have one, I can supply you with a a sanitized reusable mask for you to wear
  • Upon your arrival at the front door, I will take your temperature with a contactless thermometer. If the device signals a fever, your appointment will be immediately cancelled and rescheduled no less then 14 days after your scheduled appointment. Should I not have availability, you will be added to my cancellation list. If you're worried you may have a fever, you should likely reschedule. Alternatively, you can also take your own temperature at home the morning of your appointment to ease any concerns but your temperature will still be taken at the salon
  • You will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival at shampoo basin in the salon. There will also be hand sanitizer readily available throughout your stay
  • I cannot offer beverages or reading material at this time but you are welcome to bring your own
  • The restroom will have disinfecting wipes can I ask that you please use one to sanitize the surfaces you have made contact with after you are done and discard it in the powder room refuse. Please be sure, after washing, to dry your hands with a single use white cloth and dispose of it in the provided hamper under the sink
  • The retail shelving and products are a No Touch Zone But I will gladly assist you with any recommendations and/or purchases you may need
  • I kindly ask that you refrain from unnecessarily touching items and surfaces in the front entrance, stairwells and salon to maintain a lower risk of potential contamination

Here are the measures I'm taking to provide a safe environment to all my guests:

  • The salon and common areas will be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of each work day
  • Surfaces such as hand rails, door handles, tables, chairs, tablet screens, payment terminals and shampoo bowl will be sanitized between each appointment
  • All towels, capes and robes will be of single use, properly laundered and stored in compartment bins or bags for minimal exposure within the salon
  • All my tools will be washed and sanitized between each appointment and I have additional sets of brushes, combs and clips tp ensure an effective rotation of sanitized items for each client
  • All appointments are scheduled as single visits, unless a double booking is made by members of the same houshold (in which case you may arrive for your appointments together)
  • I have scheduled 30 mins between each appointment for dedicated sanitization procedures
  • My sanitization products are all salon grade professional use products. I have also procured a steamer for soft surfaces such as the cutting chairs
  • I will be wearing a newly sanitized mask for each client and washing/sanitizing my hands frequently throughout your stay and between each appointment
  • I will be performing a personal self assessment and taking my own temperature at the beginning of each work day to ensure that I, also, am symptom free for your protection

**Please refer to this OPH guideline at the bottom of this page for a self assessment to make the day of your appointment do you can safely come in that day. There is nothing to fill out and send back to me, this is just a good safety measure for you the take from home.

If you, or someone you have had close contact with, have tested positive for or have any symptoms related to Covid19 or have travelled in the last 14 days leading to your appointment, you must reschedule that appointment no sooner then 14 days after that day.

I remain flexible with my guests who may need to reschedule due to health concerns. Safety, specially in these times, is the number one priority.

Should you need to reschedule, I do appreciate as much notice as possible but understand if inevitably you need to cancel last minute.

There is zero tolerance for no shows.

With the added cost and time related to sanitizing the salon, I am implementing a $5 sanitization fee to each appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you, safely, soon!

Some things will be different but great hair remains!